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Green Gables Farm Heritage
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Reference Does

Listed here are some of the does that have had an impact on our herd.



FMCH Hidden Creek's Diamond *P (3rd gen)
Sire: Hidden Creek's Rebock (2nd)
SS: Hidden Creek's Southern Cross (1st)
SD: Hidden Creek's Nike (1st)
Dam: Hidden Creek's Chicklet (2nd)
DS: Hidden Creek's Southern Cross (1st)
DD: Stone's Throw Tomten (1st)
DIAMOND is the dam of Jasper's dam, Hidden Creek's Easter Sunrise. She is also the dam of Grant's sire, Echo Hill's Ulysses. Diamond has one of the best udders that I have ever seen on a MiniNubian. Her udder is soft, pliable, capacious and milks heavy her whole lactation. It is super well attached in every direction and is easy to milk. In 2005 her buck kid earned JR Res. CH. Her topline is incredibly straight and level. Diamond also has a wonderful personality. I am very happy to have two of her grandsons here. They are doing great things in our herd. Picture courtesy of Dannette Hackman - Echo Hills Farm.

Diamond's udder

Diamond's rear udder


Hidden Creek's Easter Sunrise
Sire: Hidden Creek's Nino (2nd)
SS: Hidden Creek's Rebock
SD: Hidden Creek's Nike (1st)
Dam: FMCH Hidden Creek's Diamond *P (3rd)
DS: Hidden Creek's Rebock
DD: Hidden Creek's Chicklet
EASTER has the same nice topline as her dam (Diamond) above. Easter is a smooth and well blended doe. She also has a nicely attached, capacious udder. Easter has been 3X RCH, 1X BUOB, and 1X BUS. Easter is the dam of our buck Echo Hill's Jasper *B. Photos courtesy of Dannette Hackman - Echo Hill's Farm.

Easter's rear udder


Hidden Creek's Amber Glow *P 1CH leg
Sire: Hidden Creek's Arkansas (3rd)
SS: Hidden Creek's The General
SD: Hidden Creek's Clackamas
Dam: Hidden Creek's Fela (2nd)
DS: Hidden Creek's The General
DD: Hidden Creek's Big Bunches
AMBER'S udder was similar in shape and build to Diamond's. She had wonderful attachments, great teats and tons of capacity. She has been 1X GCH, 2X RCH, 2X BOB and 1X BUOB. Unfortunately Amber died in 2006. Amber was a really nice doe and it is a loss to the MiniNubian breed that she is now gone. Her son's and daughters will carry on her heritage. Amber is the dam of our buck Echo Hill's Ulysses S. Grant *B. Photos courtesy of Dannette Hackman - Echo Hill's Farm.

Amber as kid


Hidden Creek's Sierra Wind *P (3rd gen)
Sire: Hidden Creek's Arkansas (3rd)
SS: Hidden Creek's The General
SD: Hidden Creek's Clackamas
Dam: Hidden Creek's Clackamas (2nd)
DS: Hidden Creek's Rodger Rahah
DD: Hidden Creek's Willamette
SIERRA is the dam of our buck Echo Hill's Shining Star. Sierra has excellent breed character with long and WIDE ears, and an extreme roman nose. She also has a very nice udder. In the pictures below she is about 1/3rd milked already, but you can at least get an idea of what it looks like. More info coming soon!. Pictures courtesy of Dannette Hackman - Echo Hills Farm.

Sierra's udder (1/3rd milked out)

Sierra's rear udder (1/3rd milked)


FMCH Hidden Creek's Patches *P (2nd gen)
Sire: Hidden Creek's Dismals Mr. Gillespie (1st)
SS: Hidden Creek's Kahuna (N)
SD: Hidden Creek's Schilling (1st)
Dam: Hidden Creek's Air Jordan (2nd)
DS: Hidden Creek's Southern Cross (1st)
DD: Hidden Creek's Nike (1st)
PATCHES has a wonderful personality and has done very well at shows even as an aged doe. She has consistently produced champion kids. She is a good milker and milks down really well. She has been known to produce 10 lbs in one day! Patches has been 4X GCH, 1X BIS, 3X BUIB, 2X BUIS and 1X RCH. Patches is the dam (and paternal grand-dam) of our doe Echo Hill's Molly O'Malley. Photo courtesy of Dannette Hackman - Echo Hill's Farm.

2nd gen MiniNubian dairy goat

Country Dreams Dora (2nd gen)
Sire: Morning-Glow Flax (3rd gen.)
ss: Carey's Red Hot Papa (2nd)
sd: Morning-Glow Brown Sugar (3rd)
Dam: Careys Sweet Pea (1st gen.)
ds: Carey's I Wanna Be A Millionaire (N)
dd: Buttin' Heads Mont Olive (ND)
DOB: 3/17/04
DORA is the full sister of our doe Rosebud and one of the bucks that has made such an impact on our herd, Charlie.  She is also the dam of our doe, Emma.  Dora is a great milker giving about 8 lbs of milk a day.  She has a very nice body with strong feet and legs.  You can see her dam, Sweet Pea (a.k.a. Rock), below.  Pictures of Dora courtesy of Randy and Andrea Kuhtz of Country Dreams.

MiniNubian rear udder
Dora's rear udder


Green Gables CowKid (1st gen.)
Sire: Green Gables Selum (ND)
ss: Green Gables Morgan
sd: Prairie Acres
Dam: Green Gables Starry Night (1st gen)
ds: Green Gables Andy (ND)
dd: The Sim's Muffin (N)
DOB: 3/21/01
COWKID is 75% Nigerian and 25% Nubian. I am thrilled with her udder - It is well attached and VERY capacious. Her rear udder is excellent. Her teats are well placed and easy-to-milk. CowKid milks about 5 lbs. a day. Her conformation is very nice. Her kids have inherited her great udder and wonderful conformation and tend to have beautiful Nigerian type colorings. CowKid is only 21.5 inches tall.

Cowkid's udder - 3rd freshening

CowKids rear udder


Green Gables Starry Night (1st gen)
Sire: Green Gables Andy (ND)
ss: Green Gables Morgan
sd: Prairie Acres Design
Dam: The Sim's Muffin (N)
ds: Maple Spring's Frosty's Image
dd: The Thunder Ridge's Simplicity
DOB: 2/14/00
STARRY is black with white spots. She is 50% Nubian and 50% Nigerian. She is 27 inches tall, a little on the tall side for a 50/50, but her kids have all been significantly smaller. Starry has good conformation and a very nice, capacious udder. Starry is a good milker giving 4-8 pounds of milk a day and she is very easy to milk. Her daughter, CowKid, has one of the nicest udders I have seen and is also a very good milker.

Starry's 2006 son, Star Dust

Starry's rear udder at 6 yrs old


Carey's Sweet Pea (a.k.a. Rock)
Sire: Carey's I Wanna Be A Millionaire (N)
ss: Singing-Meadows Huckleberry
sd: Carey's Lacey Bonnet
Dam: Buttin' Heads Mont Olive (ND)
ds: Buttin' Heads Montwizuma *S
dd: Buttin' Heads Dwill Pickle
Rock is the dam of our buck Charlie and our doe Rosebud (see them on our main website Rock has a large udder with lots of milk. Her conformation is beautiful with good feet and legs, a well extended brisket and tons of body capacity. In this picture she is five years old with quite a few freshenings under her belt. Picture courtesy of Andrea and Randy Kuhtz of Country Dreams.

Mini Nubian dairy goat
Rock as a 2 year old - first freshening

MiniNubian udder
Rock's udder at 5 years old


Country Dreams Sophie (2nd gen.)
Sire: Morning-Glow Flax (3rd gen.)
ss: Carey's Red Hot Papa (2nd)
sd: Morning-Glow Brown Sugar (3rd)
Dam: Careys Sweet Pea (1st gen.)
ds: Carey's I Wanna Be A Millionaire (N)
dd: Buttin' Heads Mont Olive (ND)
DOB: 2005
SOPHIE is full sister to our buck Country Dreams Charlie Brown. She is blonde with her color being white in the winter and a creamy color in the spring and summer. Her ears are 2/3 drop and her nose is very roman. She is extremely friendly and loves people, especially children. Sophie had a single doeling with beautiful breed character in June 2006 (can be seen on our main website). Sophie's udder is tightly attached and well shaped. It is still on the small side, but I am hoping she increases in capacity as she matures (she is milked out in this picture). Her full sisters are milking 5-6 lbs per day. Her dam is also a wonderful milker. (see 'Rock' above)


Green Gables Cloudy Night
Dam: The Sim's Muffin
ds: Maple Springs Frosty's Image
dd: Thunder Ridge's Simplicity
Sire: Green Gables Morgan
ss: Humble Woods Little John
sd: Old Orhard Trinket
CLOUDY has good conformation, she is black with white spots and gold trim. Cloudy gave 8-10 pounds of milk per day! She is a 1st generation, 50/50 MiniNubian. She has had many beautiful kids on our farm. Her daughters and granddaughters are proving to be great milkers with wonderful personalities. Her daughter Misty, granddaughter Raisin, and great-granddaughter Grace, have all won 1st place in their online shows. Grace and Misty went on to take Jr and Sr Mini-Dairy GCH in the show! We are so happy with Cloudy's descendants.


Green Gables EHJ Storm Chaser
4th generation - AMERICAN
Sire: *B Echo Hill's Jasper
ss: Echo Hill's Lord Apollo
sd: Hidden Creek's Easter Sunrise
Dam: Green Gables CB Ivory
ds: Country Dreams Charlie Brown
dd: Green Gables HDH Hail Storm
DOB: 6/7/07
STORMY was a very correct 4th gen. doeling. She had very nice breed character and wonderful conformation. She had a wonderful personality to match her good looks. She is a great example of what we are trying to breed in the MiniNubians. Her dam, Green Gables CB Ivory has a beautiful udder with tons of milk. Stormy's sire, *B Echo Hill's Jasper, also has lots of milk in his pedigree. Unfortunately we lost Stormy in the spring of '08 so we weren't able to breed her at all. She is placed on this page as an example of what we are striving for. In 2008/2009 we are repeating the breeding that produced Stormy in hopes of getting another kid like her.

Standard Nubians:


The Sim's Muffin
Sire: Maple Springs Frosty's Image
ss: C.V.'s - Delight Frosty Falcon
sd: Sweet Spirit Angela D
Dam: The Thunder Ridge's Simplicity
ds: Sun-Star-Acre Brandon
dd: Sun-Star-Acre Robin
Muffin was our first Nubian and her legacy lives on through her kids, grandkids and great-grandkids. Muffin was black with a white star, frosted ears and muzzle, and gold trim. She gave about 12 pounds of milk per day. She had a nice udder with large, easy-to-milk teats. Muffin has given us many beautiful MiniNubian kids. Muffin was a very sweet and affectionate goat. She will not be forgotten!


Les Serrettes Tyrone OMO Lucky (Lacey)
Sire: Les Serrettes K-D Tyrone
ss: Stamper's D-F King Delite
sd: Les Serrettes Thatch Tarmine
Dam: Les Serrettes Thatch OMOLuAnn
ds: Sunshine Tarmone Thatch
dd: Sunshine Kassanova OMALoa
DOB: 5/7/04
LACEY is a beautiful Nubian doe with wonderful breed character with super long ears. Lacey has a very long body with lots of capacity. She has a nice topline with a long, flat, level rump. Lacey's dam is a good milker with a nice rear udder. Lacey has a capacious udder that is well attached and gives lots of milk. Lacey is giving 7 - 10 lbs of milk per day. She is VERY easy to milk. Lacey's 2007 daughter, Lucy, is one of our 1st gen 75/25 does.

Lacey's face as a kid

Lacey's rear udder (not full of milk)

Nigerian Dwarves:


Sire: Old Orchard The One
SS: Pine Cone Valley Jupiter
SD: Braco Elfin
Dam: Old Orchard Charm
DS: Pine Cone Valley Jupiter
DD: Old OrchardBlack Tulip
TRINKET was one of the Nigerian Dwarf foundation herd members. Trinket was black with white markings. Her son, Badger was one of our herd sires and has passed lots of color to his offspring. Trinket died in 2002 at the age of 13.


Prairie Acres Design
Sire: Prarie Acres Ulysses
ss: Pine Cone Valley Jupiter
sd: Old Orchard Trinket
Dam: Candy Crystal Faser M&M
ds: Ladies' Man
dd: Peppermint Pattie
DEE was our first Nigerian Dwarf. She was a good milker and had a wonderful personality. I apoligize for the poor picture, but it is the only one I have of her. She looks quite ready for a Wisconsin winter doesn't she?!

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