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Green Gables Farm Heritage
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Reference Bucks

Listed here are some of the bucks that have had an impact on our herd.


2nd gen MiniNubian buck - Charlie

Country Dreams Charlie Brown (2nd gen.)
Sire: Morning-Glow Flax (3rd gen.)
ss: Carey's Red Hot Papa (2nd)
sd: Morning-Glow Brown Sugar (3rd)
Dam: Careys Sweet Pea (1st gen.)
ds: Carey's I Wanna Be A Millionaire (N)
dd: Buttin' Heads Mont Olive (ND)
DOB: 3/17/04
CHARLIE is a blonde buck who's coloring ranges from white to gold. He has good ears and a very roman nose. He has lots of width between the hocks and a high escutcheon. His front end is very nice as well. Charlie's dam has a large udder with tons of capacity (see her on the Reference Does page). He has lots of milk on his sire's side also. His paternal granddam was only 21.5" and gave 6#'s per day! Charlie's kids are beautiful! He really improved the ears and noses and gave them beautiful conformation with straight legs. You can see many of his kids on the 2007 and 2006 kids pages.

Click here to visit our online album with more pictures of Charlie!


Echo Hill's Ulysses *B
Sire: Echo Hill's Lord Apollo (2nd)
SS: Hidden Creek's William F. Buckley
SD: Hackman Farms Lady Olivia *P (1st)
Dam: FMCH Hidden Creek's Diamond *P (3rd)
DS: Hidden Creeks Rebok (2nd)
DD: Hidden Creek's Chicklet (2nd)
ULYSSES is an awesome buck at Echo Hill's. He has BEAUTIFUL breed character. He is very long and well blended. He is extremely wide in the escutcheon area and level over the topline with a wide, flat rump set on very strong legs. Ulysses' dam is Diamond - one of the best does at Echo Hill's (see her on the Reference does page). His sire is Echo Hill's Lord Apollo. Apollo has awesome breed character. Ulysses is the sire of our buck Echo Hill's Ulysses S. Grant *B. I am thrilled to have the son of this beautiful buck. Photos courtesy of Dannette Hackman - Echo Hill's Farm.

Ulysses as a kid

Ulysses' face as a kid


Echo Hill's Lord Apollo (2nd gen.)
Sire: Hidden Creek's William F. Buckley
SS: Hidden Creek's P.S Mega Bits
SD: Hidden Creek's Java Latte
Dam: Hackman Farms Lady Olivia *P (1st)
DS: Hidden Creek's Nino (2nd)
DD: Primavera Who-Bla Antoinette (N)
APOLLO has extreme Nubian breed character. He has super long ears and a very roman nose. He has lots of width between the hocks and strong legs. He has a nice wide chest too. His dam has won Champion Jr. Doe of Breed and Best of Show. She earned her milk star in 2004 with 4.7 lbs and 4.22% butterfat. Apollo is the sire of Jasper and the sire of Grant's sire, Ulysses (above). Photos courtesy of Dannette Hackman - Echo Hill's Farm.

Mini Nubian buck
Apollo's face and EARS!

Apollo's Dam
Hackman Farms Lady Olivia *P


Echo Hill's King Patrick O'Malley *B
Sire: Hackman Farm's King David (3rd)
SS: Hidden Creek's Nino (2nd)
SD: Hidden Creek's Patches *P (2nd)
Dam: Hackman Farms Lady Abigail *P (1st)
DS: Hidden Creek's Nino (2nd)
DD: Hidden Creek's Starletto (N)
Patrick is another buck with awesome breed character. His sire is the son of FMCH Hidden Creek's Patches *P - a doe that has consistently produces champion stock. She has been 4X GCH, 1X BIS, 3X BUIB, 2X BUIS and 1X RCH. You can see more about Patches on the Reference Does page. Patrick's dam is also a heavy milker - in 2004 when she earned her milk star she gave 6.6# with 5.01% butterfat. Patrick is the sire of our doe Echo Hill's Molly O'Malley. Photos courtesy of Dannette Hackman - Echo Hill's Farm.

Patrick's face as a baby


FCH Rainbow Farms Charlie Brown
Sire: Hidden Creek's Mega Bits
Dam: Hidden Creek's Brownetta
CHARLIE is the first Finished Champion MiniNubian of either American or Experimental. He is also the first buck to enter the permanent 'American' herdbook. Charlie is a nice size, being only 25 inches tall. He throws kids with nice ears, udders and conformation. Charlie's son, Echo Hill's Shining Star, has made some beautiful contributions to out herd. You can see Star on the bucks page of our main website. Photo courtesy of Dannette Hackman - Echo Hill's Farm.


Heart's Delight Hershey
Sire: Heart's Delight Ranger
ds: Inavale Curious George
dd: Heart's Delight Good as Gold
Dam: Heart's Delight Mercy
ss: Hayseed Farm's BW Kaptain Kid (ND)
sd: Capri-Dot's Precious Viva-Hope (N)
We bought Hershey from Carey's Briarwood Farm in the fall of 2002. He has given us 18 beautiful kids. Only 6 of his kids born here have not had pendulous ears. Hershey comes from a line of goats with very soft, easy-to-milk udders. His daughters are good milkers and his grandkids are beautiful. Photo courtesy of Patricia Fountain - Heart's Delight Farm.

3rd generation MiniNubian buck

Green Gables EHJ Eureka! (3rd gen.)
Sire: Echo Hills Jasper *B (3rd gen.)
ss: Echo Hills Lord Apollo (2nd gen.)
sd: Hackman Farm's Easter Sunrise (3rd gen.)
Dam: Country Dream's Rosebud (2nd gen)
ds: Morning-Glow Flax (3rd gen.)
dd: Carey's Sweet Pea (1st gen.)
DOB: 6/5/06
Eureka is a real gold mine. He has super long ears and a very roman nose. His topline is very smooth and level. Eureka is gold with silver ears and muzzle with a broad white belt with gold spots in it. He looks a lot like his sire Echo Hill's Jasper *B. Eureka is about 25 inches tall. Eureka's dam, Country Dreams Rosebud, is milking very well at about 6 lbs per day. Her udder is tightly attached in every direction and she has a beautiful rear and fore-udder.

Check out those EARS
3rd generation Mini Nubian buckling
Eureka as a kid


Heart's Delight Ranger
Sire: Inavale Curious George (1st gen)
ss: *B Royal Cedars Sugar Bear (N)
sd: Goodwood Tambourine 2X GCH (ND)
Dam: Heart's Delight Good as Gold (1st gen)
ds: Hayseed Farm's BW Kaptin Kid (ND)
dd: Capri-Dot's Precious Memory (N)
RANGER is black with gold trim. He is a second generation MiniNubian. Ranger has pendulous ears. He is the sire of Hershey. Ranger comes from a line of great milkers. His pedigree is awesome - he goes back to some outstanding goats such as ARMCH Goodwood Kauri Tree +*S E HES 91.3, ARMCH Goodwood Trillium *D AR1418 HES 92.8, and ARMCH Goodwood Kenya +S (three times in Rangers pedigree). Photo courtesy of Kris Westbeld of Pine Pod farm


Green Gables HDH Price Edward (2nd gen.)
Sire: Heart's Delight Hershey (2nd gen.)
ss: Heart's Delight Ranger
sd: Heart's Delight Mercy
Dam: Green Gables AC Jody (1st gen.)
dd: Green Gables Cloudy Night
ds: Green Gables Andy
DOB: 3-8-04
PRINCE is an extremely flashy buck - he is chocolate with gold trim, frosted ears and muzzle, a beautiful belly band and white on his legs. He is 62.5% Nigerian and 37.5% Nubian and a second generation. Prince has a very level and wide rump and he has a wonderful topline. Prince's granddam is an excellent milker (peaked at 10#'s!) with a very nice udder. Prince is a very friendly goat who loves people. He has given us several very nice kids - all of which have been doelings!

Nigerian Dwarves:


Green Gables Morgan
Sire: Humble Woods Little John
ss: Piddlin Acres Ivanho
sd: Kearns Korral's Sally
Dam: Old Orchard Trinket
ds: Old Orchard The One
dd: Old Orchard Charm
MORGAN was our first buck - the son of Trinket. He has given us many very nice kids both Nigerian and MiniNubian.  Morgan was black with white and brown markings. He has made many beautiful contributions to our herd. He had exellent conformation. On his fathers side there are several master champions.

Green Gables Badger
Sire: Green Gables Morgan
ss: Humble Woods Little John
sd: Old Orchard Trinket
Dam: Old Orchard Trinket
ds: Old Orchard The One
dd: Old Orchard Charm
BADGER was black, with white and brown spots. He has been one of the most influential Nigerian Dwarf bucks in our herd. He has given us some very colorful kids. His kids are very good milkers.

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